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Did you always want to have Whatsapp on your PC? Here is how to do it!!

Whatsapp Für Pc
Follow these instructions, and within 5 minutes you have Whatsapp on your PC! Whatsapp Pc is absolutely free.


Download an emulator


We start with the special android emulator download. This is not just an emulator, but a special one. It’s as if your apps as programs on your PC opens. Just go to the following link:


The file that appears here you must download perform. If your installation by running the emulator will be installed. Tick ​​the box during installation “install new apps” out. If you press install, the installation performed.


Install Whatsapp

The program now starts immediately. In the search bar, you can search for Whatsapp. If you click on this you can install.


bleustacksAlmost all apps work absolutely perfect!

If you want to install Whatsapp PC will often request a verification of a phone, here you have an existing ID number, you will be called by a computer voice. This gives you 3 numbers by, these fill in the window, and then it works completely.

So, now you have Whatsapp on your PC.

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